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Dead Black DucksSeptimus Rex(Micro)Managing Editor/Nuisance

Mr. Rex is from Philadelphia but became a man in Texas.  He still is proud of his Philly teams, especially the Flyers and Eagles, but has lost the urge to throw batteries since the “Battery Debacle of 2003.”  Rex has since adopted all Houston teams but feels a bit of a poser since the Houston band-wagon seems so full all the time (he has a knack for irony as well).  He can be found in various public restrooms screaming “I see pride! I see power! I see a bad-ass mother who don’t take no crap off of nobody!” when he is not writing for Fourth and Fifty.

Septimus Rex shows unhindered bias for the Cougars, Flyers, Eagles, Rockets and Texans.  He has never finished in the top 3 in his Fantasy Football league.  Not that he has a problem finishing, you know what I’m sayin’?

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1193000424-happycatmonocle1Wanks MacGruber Editor/Director of Corporate Shenanigans

Wanks MacGruber is an all-around decent human-being. He originally hails from a different continent. He attended the outstanding University of Houston where he excelled in all aspects of the collegiate realm, including hours spent hating Rice, hours spent calling Rice people nerds, hours spent insulting Rice women, and hours hating the “MOB.”

Red is a consistent theme in his life, as his favorite sports teams are Manchester United, UH, and the Texans.  He enjoys Polynesian sauce (also red) from Chick-Fil-A more than any other condiment on the planet, and if you disagree with him, he will fight you.

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Clint Eastwood

Reginald BlackstoneEditor/Too Classy for Titles

Reginald Blackstone is liked by people from all walks of life. His passive aggressive questioning personality can be maddening at times. Reginald was born and raised in Texas. He attended the University of Houston with his highly esteemed colleagues Wanks MacGruber, Septimus Rex and Pipez. If you say his name three times fast he will appear in front of you showing off his Cougar Paw and then disappear. Reginald is 89% phantom, 8% juggernaut and 3% Detective John Kimble.

Reginald’s favorite teams are the Houston Cougars, Texans, Rockets and Astros.  His hobbies include fitness, brewing beer, poker, television and movies.

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Pipez Editor/College Football Trivia Overlord

Pipez, who is not used to writing about himself in the third person, is originally from San Antonio. A Houston Cougar, who is now bringing down Rice University from the inside, Pipez roots for all Houston sports teams  (even for the Rockets whenever they aren’t playing the much superior San Antonio Spurs).

Pipez scoffs at Rockets fans who have penis envy of the Spurs 3 1/2 Championships, and feel the need to express their jealousy by hating on the Spurs.  It’s not his fault that San Antonio had two number one picks in the NBA draft in a ten year span.  It’s also not his fault that Gregg Popovich is the most superior coach known to man.

Pipez is too humble to admit that he knows more about college football than you know about anything.  He is not too humble to slap you for saying otherwise, however.

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Ice-CubeTHE Random GuyTenured Author/Guest Editor/FaF Muse

THE Random Guy is an early-30s average white guy whose only mission in life is to cut other people down to make himself feel better.  Was that too real?

Let’s try again:

THE Random Guy is a hard-ass gangsta who don’t give a damn.  He considers it a good day when he “doesn’t have to use my AK” and when he “messes around on the court and gets a triple-double”.

TRG graduated from the University of Houston with a Player Hater Degree and a whooping cough which is a badge of honor from the 2001 (0-11) football season.  He stayed every game no matter how hard it rained (ergo the whooping cough) or how bad the Coogs got beat.  Some say he died that season…

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  1. informative

  2. I like the site. If yall ever need any help, especially in the futbol department, lemme know. I watch alot of it…And by it, I mean, “the soccer,” as Becks calls it. Keep up the good work.

    –Lil’ Permeezy

    P.S. – Wanks Macgruber, what is up with Sven stinking up the Mexican squad…I smell a repeat of what he did with the 3 Lions, except El Tri won’t make it to South Africa…
    P.P.S- How bout dem Rockets this past Sunday, Pipez???
    P.P.P.S. – ¡Viva LA Resistánce!

  3. Buenas ! seria mucha molestia brindar un poco mas de info sobre este tema ??? esta muy bueno el blog, un saludo y arriba el futbol !

  4. Nice site. Great articles. Bookmarked

    • You know you’ve hit the big time when Fitty Cent is bookmarking the site.

  5. You guys are a bunch of haters. u guys need to shut the hell up. none of u guys have talent in sports so u have to try and criticize the NBA’s Greatest Team.(Lakers)

    • Duly noted sir.

  6. TRG, not that it compares to enduring the Dimmel-led Coogs running the table in reverse, but I stayed through “Rout 66” back in ’97 while I was at UT.

    What is “Rout 66” you ask? When the Bruins of UCLA went into Austin and laid the wood to the ‘Horns 66-3. But like most bad things, something good came out of it, the eventual hiring of Mack Brown.

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