Houston Sports FaF Smear (7/26/10)

SOTD – “Doin Time” Sublime

UH pwns Rice!

It’s the doldrums of summer. Luckily this year we had the World Cup for the beginning of the summer. Now it’s all baseball all the time. Even ESPN is bored with baseball and had a front page picture of cycling, or at least that’s what I think it was since I can’t read. However, UH is still pwning Rice even in the offseason, according to the Chron. They’ve mailed in Rice’s homepage so bad that they’ve now started reporting more UH stuff.

However, fear not people, NFL training camps start this week. This means 2 things. 1) We will have something to talk about. 2) We can officially start researching fantasy football draft info. Hell I scheduled finishing my medical school applications around being finished in time to put 100% in to my fantasy football drafts. (That way I didn’t accidently submit a mock draft as an essay explaining what contribution I would make to the field of medicine).

Houston Astros – Something about the Astros trading or not trading Roy Oswalt…. I don’t know, talk about it amongst yourselves.

Houston Rockets – The Rockets signed C Brad Miller. This at least gives them someone to start for 20-25 games while Yao is injured. Houston fans are depressed CP3 doesn’t want to come to Houston.

Houston Cougars – I’m planning my trip to LA for the UCLA game this week. I’m excited, who is with me?



  1. Fuck you dude…I want to go to LA!!!

  2. I’m afraid it might give away how long it’s been since I’ve stopped by but the new logo really kicks a$$. KK may be too busy with his new starting gig to notice but I wonder if a certain long snapper has seen what he has inspired.

    Baseball is still going on? *yawn* Even when the Astros have been really good I just can not getinto any sport where there are 162 games. And I love thenuances and strategy of baseball but I’m not tuning in mid-season to wait God knows how many games to see a walk off homer, grand slam, etc.

    I need to admit something publicly. I’m prejudiced against a certain group of people and I now realize that it is affecting my football judgement. My first college football game was UH at Rice 1989 andon Sundays I got my run-and-shoot fix with Moon and the fab four. So I was recently complaining that in addition to the lack of success, I find myself drifting from the Texans because of the boring offense. They have been very boring at times but what I didn’t realize was that they lead the AFC in passing. Egg on my face all because I assume a tight end equals nap time offense.

    Do we not pay Yao enough to tell China to take a hike and quit playing for their national team? It’s sucha waste because the guy could end up in conversation with Hakeem, Kareem, Chamberlain, Russell etc. when he retires. But no, on top of the stress on a human body that wasn’t intended to handle almost eight feet of bone and muscle, he has to play year-round without a break too? What’s China going to do if he tells them off anyways? They’ll accept it becaue they wantthat huge chunk of his salary they get. If I’m Yao I’m saying eff off and if you don’t like it I’ll stop sending you your allowance to. If I’m the Rockets, this is finally the year I ask himto choose between us and Team China because as long as he plays that much he’ll never be useful to anyone.

    I’ve been saying for a while that if any Cougar QB should do well in the NFL it would be Kolb becausehe had comeback ability and football instinct. He had to dig UH out of some tough spots (SMU 2006) whereas guys like Ware and Klingler were playing from 50 points ahead. Yes you have to be awesome to grab that lead, but you need a gut check ala Mason “the Line” Dixon in Rocky’s farewell.

    I’m not sure what to think about Case past college because he’s putting up Ware/Klingler numbers but he’s got a clutch factor and scrambling ability that is making me think he might be Joe Montana and Steve Youngs love child. I know thisis blatant homerism but I need something to get me pumped about the Texans and taking Keenum in the 2011 draft would do fine. UH players/staff seem to do pretty well on Houston professional teams (Dream, Clyde, Lathon, Pardee). Please football Gods, grant me this one wish. I was a HOUSTON OILERS FAN. I’ve earned it and then some.

    OK since its boredom time for now, here are four of my favorite football comebacks. A close game with Rice is a bad sign I hope the mob does what the band in the fourth vid does. Great job with the blogage! Peace.

    • Could you please write more in your comment? I’m afraid there wasn’t enough text

      • Now Pipez,

        Can you really blame me for being so inspired by your four baby grafs about… hold on, my post was so cool I forgot what yours was about. But for real we all have clunkers now and then so you are very welcome for me finishing your essay. The least you could have done is read a graf and had a sports take in return. Wait is Pipez your stage name Prof. Crixell? Ask Coogfun admin, I wrote some stinkers for them when I was bored. So Pipez stick that in your Todd Graham and smoke it. But I do still love you and your delicious bloggage.

        BTW, Is it wrong that my favorite thing about the Tyler/Plano comebackloss are those hillbilly announcers crying at the end. Is it evil that their pain makes me giggle?

    • #84 quit on the play. 500 members of his own band couldn’t make the stop either…unbelievable. What would they have done if the band had made the stop? OR, if That was Cal’s band on the field? I love the way the dude levels Tyrell on Trombone when he gets to the end zone. Insult…meet Injury.

  3. What about a road trip to Lubbock?

  4. Road trips to LA? Miss? Lubbuck? FuckShiiii-uut it! In the immortal words of Robert Duvall in “Colors”…”let’s walk down and fuck ’em all!”

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