Houston Sports FaF Smear (7/27/10)

SOTD –  “Homecoming” The Teenagers

Aren't you supposed to schedule a homecoming opponent you can beat?

Well, Rice decided to make UH their homecoming game, isn’t that special. I guess they felt that they needed more motivation to play in the game this year besides the bayou bucket, and their 73-14 embarrassment last year. I mean they put up less effort than Northwestern St. a FCS school. They sure didn’t live up to their slogan “Fight, never die.” Also, Coach David Bailiff probably needed to rethink where he put the phrase “ball security” on their shorts. Fail.

The balls are on the other side Rice

Anyways, there was a lot of rookie drama this past weekend in the NFL. First Dez Bryant refused to carry Roy Williams’ shoulder pads saying “Bitch, I’m here to take your job, you should carry my shit!”* Also, Ravens rookie Sergio “Amazon” Kindle fell down, not 1, but 2 flights of stairs…. That’s pretty impressive. Not many details have been released, but this is what we know about Sergio Kindle

  • He was arrested for DUI in college
  • He had a second mysterious single car accident where he drove into a wall.
  • His dad is named Johnny Walker… Seriously.

Finally, Maurice Clarrett has wised up and, after being released from prison, he found the one place it is acceptable to carry booze around with you at all times (like he did at Bronco’s training camp). COLLEGE! That’s right, he has enrolled in fall classes at Ohio State. Also, in an unrelated story, Ohio State has a new walk-on running back named Claurice Marrett.

Here are your Houston sports updates. Let’s check it out.

Houston Astros – I don’t know…. did they play yesterday?

Houston Cougars – Still not football season yet….. I’m so bored

*This is what I assume was said because I didn’t read the actual quote

BONUS VIDEO – This video is late, because the commercial is now irrelevant, but we here at FAF are huge fans of Dr. Steve Brule…. So better late than never



  1. You guys see in the last two days the Coogs got verbal commits from two 6’7″ O-Linemen?

  2. I was not aware, but those would be some good gets if true.

    On another note, I am wearing my brand new Nike UofH polo that I purchased from ‘Academy’ the other day. I guess someone was reading this blog a few months ago, good job. Now if we find a way to bury all of the burnt orange and maroon crap we might call that progress…

    Did I mention today how much I hate the ricez MOB?

    • The UH alumni within the Buying Office is getting more vocal about our support, sure, but the reason you see more stuff in the stores is because UH gear is ringing at the registers. Really, UH gear selling is better news for us Coogs than just Academy carrying it.

      I got that Polo too…it’s badass.

      The ratio of Scarlet to Burnt Orange gear will swing drastically when UH finishes higher than Horn in the polls, and the T-shirt fans change allegiances.

      • It is this precise ‘crazy talk’ that will either get you fired or promoted.

        • Actually, I got promoted a few months ago. I’m a corporate supervisor now. (I know right?) My Resume – Job Skills: Roundhouse Kicks, Headbutts, Problem Solver, 80 words per minute, Predicting Sales Trends in NCAA Licensed Product.

          • and dropkicks to the nuts…

            A win-win in everybody’s book, good job on the promotion too.

            • I needed it after the cable package and all the season tickets I bought to see the Coogs kick ass this year.

              Also, I just got invited to the Cougar Pride Football Luncheon to meet the team on the 19th. Anybody else gonna be there?

        • I saw Andre lit up College Football Live with some of this exact “crazy talk.” That really got the Horns going. Honestly I don’t see how they don’t drop at least 3 conference games this year while breaking in Gilbert’s Grape.

          • Word. That 19 year old is gonna get that azz sacked…many times.

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