A Coogfans post Fire Joe Morgan style

Coogfans.... more like Coogfags

54 posts this site

Bahbuttons… What a cute name, and you only have 54 posts. What a noob! You are only 4,946 posts away from being taken seriously.

“Let’s try to pack the stands this year.” I think I just lost brain cells reading that. In fact, if I don’t get into medical school this year, I am blaming Coogfans for the countless brain cells I have lost reading statements like that.

“I would love to see a packed house every home game and not just the big ones.” Are you fucking kidding me? You are so fucking novel. Can you take over for Mack Rhoades as athletic director please? I can’t believe no one has ever thought to do that before. What’s the next step after that, “Let’s try to win all of our games this year?”

“We are a nationally ranked team and when we are shown on tv it would awesome for viewers to see and to hear the roar of the crowd backing our Coogs and Keenum’s Heisman run. “ Hey everyone, what if we all got together before the games this year and cooked food and had some beers, wouldn’t that be fun?

“The louder we are the more pumped the players get. “Did you know that it is customary to yell while your team is on defense to try to make the other offense mess up? WE SHOULD TOTALLY DO THAT!

“Let’s really support our Coogs this year and in the future. Bring a friend if you can and fill those stands.” Did you know that if we all brought one new friend to the game our attendance would double? THE MATH IS MIND BLOWING

“See you out there cheering my heart out.
My heart might literally stop from cheering too hard. I might die this year from cheering for the Coogs. My little heart is going to be so tired in December from cheering because I bought tickets to all the home games this year. Did you know that you can do that and sit in the same seats for each game?



  1. so you going to the scrimmage on Sat?

  2. I bet you didn’t think of this one either

    “…our crowd needs to be into the game, and I mean EVERY game, the way they were at the Texas Tech and Rice games last season. Who here remembers the screaming of “HOUSTON! COUGARS!” before kickoff against Rice? It was a completely different fanbase, I swear, and we need to do our best to GET THE CROWD INTO THE GAME this season! If we do that, Robertson’s atmosphere will be virtually unparalleled by any other.”

    • Unparalleled by any other? Really? I must admit I too have been reading Coogfans…though not posting as I’ve seen you “gentle men” have…I don’t think I’d survive there. It’s hurting my head. Outside of a few quality posters (Coog57, Matamy, Tom Franklin, and former players) that forum is a terribly lame representation of our school and fan base.

  3. I cannot wait to try to pack the stands this year, DEFENSE!!! (practice)

  4. I am not going to the scrimmage Sat, because I have a work conference to go to.

    Also, I’m pretty sure that the people posting this shit are the ones who yell as loud as they can while we are on offense. Even if they aren’t I want to stab them for their stupidity. They are why we are called Cougar High

  5. You guys familiar with http://www.coogfun.com/? You guys’ posts show up under Scott & Holman on there.

    • nevermind…I see you’ve been hanging out over there for 1800 posts…well I will be joining in the fun over there now.

  6. Another novel idea, lets have everyone wear clothing that is representative of our school, before and during the game. And then we could stand there in unison letting everyone know who we support without actually having to use words!?!? That would be supa sweet!

  7. Just got back from the football luncheon. Mike Hayes, the new running back, sat at our table…real nice guy…real quiet. He said he’s been practicing…in pads…and he’s getting reps.

    I was amazed…You don’t think about how these guys are just kids until you meet them. All of them seemed very overwhelmed (except Case and Cleveland) about being at a formal business luncheon with a bunch of old people. We also had special teams coach Tony Levine at our table…every table had a coach…so the players were being closely watched. I’ll tell you one thing…that is a stuffy bunch…Talk about a bunch of non-enthused golf clappers. Not my crowd at all…and as a fan I was dissapointed by the apathy…hopefully the players understand these particular fans cheer with their wallets. Mack announced we’ve sold over 11,000 season tickets and we will be over 11,500 by opening day….so it sounds like the Rob will be on fire this fall.

  8. I really can’t remember the last time when there was so much excitement brewing before the season. And to see the full UofH push to sell so many tickets is really great also, everyone is getting on board to witness something magical. Two weeks from Saturday and the journey begins…

    And yes the Rob will be on fire this fall, but the main factor for that will be the 98+ temperatures during the day.

    • I do. 1989,1990, 1991, 1992, 2001 (psyche), 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009. That being said thoughthis is the most excited I’ve been during this decade’s revival.

  9. Groundbreaking stuff. Refresh my memory though, didn’t we do all those things last year? And when we could have thinned out next home game after the UTEP debacle coach kept us pumped with some great videos ala Madden 08 “Can you feel it?”

    Let me say that noone has inflicted more punishment of Fans then me. If you need confirmation of the three jihads I have a screenshot archive. Frankly I was overdoing it, with posts like these its just mean to exert any mental effort into insulting these Einstei
    But the Coogfans sign is a little overboard. Regardless of what you believe about that issue, you guys are too smart, too witty and topical of writers to need to bust out something offensive like that. If it’s not clear I am referring to the “Coogfans? …More like Coogfags.” I know all you guys aren’t hateful types but new students who become fans don’t know that and in my opinion it’s just not o.k. That being said its just my opinion so before the backlash floods in understand that that’s all I have to say ’bout that. It’s your site it’s a great one, and whether you like it or not Ima keep comin’ back biatches.

    Tom Franklin? Are you freaking serious? My favorite all-time Houston announcer. How disappointing.

    Listen up fans, no matter how many all-american ncaa players you have in awe of you at lunch, no matter how much you donate, how much memorabilia you decorate you bathroom with, I will ALWAYS be a bigger fan than you. It’s in the heart not the wallett fellows. But I seriously would like to take a crap in that bathroom. No need for reading, just check out the gear. Nice.

  10. Opponent Essentials for the herpe infested campus of Texas State?

  11. Essentials is long overdue!

    Ahhh, the memories.

  12. I lost a few braincells with how Coogfvcks turned into some realignment central forum where everyone has their “sources” on how UH will still end up in the MWC and it’ll be even better without BYU, to boot.

    Oh well, I could drop into the basketbal forum there and hear the bitching about how the Coogs lose out on the creme de la creme….well, about 315 of the near 350 D-1 bouncyball schools lose those same kids and don’t play in 20,000 seat shiny new palaces, so what is freaking new!?!

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