Place Your Bets – Football VI


Last week Septimus “The Rookie” Rex murdered in the NFL.  Septimus was a perfect 3 for 3 in the NFL, with an overall return on the week of 53.58%.  Last week was my first losing week.  I went a pitiful 3 for 7, losing 8% on the week.  Big Hitter even got in on the action picking the Coogs to win, I can’t remember if there was a money line for the game or not.

I think Septimus and myself should get a wager going on like Bill Simmons and Sal the Sports Guy.  Who ever picks the most winners gets to slap the other one in the face with a Subway sandwich.  We’re talking footlongs, just the way Sexy Rexy likes them in the face.  This could be a perfect opportunity for FaF to get its first national sponsor.

On a completely unrelated note, I saw a preview for a movie called Gentlemen Broncos that comes out this weekend.  The movie is out this weekend check out the trailer, it should be a good flick.

At the very bottom of this post are Septimus and Reginald’s betting stats.  As always, if you have any picks write them in on the comments.  Read on for our weekly picks.

Reginald Blackstone’s Picks

Week 9 NCAA Picks
Spread: Florida Gators -14.5 (-110)
Risk $5 to Win $4.54

2.) Take Team Over: Cincinnati Bearcats 33.5 (-115)
Risk $5 to Win $4.35 Continue reading


Place Your Bets – Football: V


Last week was a historic week for picking winners.  I went a PERFECT 6 for 6 making an overall return on the week of 125%Pipez went a stellar 4 for 7 on the week for a return of 66%.  Why throw away money in the stock market when you can make your wildest dreams come true in the sports betting world.  Septimus joined the ranks of the gambling elite this past weekend and fared well, but failed to post his picks so we don’t have any stats available.  If you want to check out my stats for the year, they are listed at the bottom of this post.  To highlight, for the year I’m picking winners 69.23% of the time for an overall return of 37.5%.

Now that I’ve thoroughly jinxed myself into picking nothing but losers for the rest of the year we can move on.  So far there doesn’t seem to be much interest in these posts.  I’m putting up professional gambler numbers here people, where’s the love?  As always, if you have any picks write them in on the comments.  I’d like to get some friendly reader competition here.

After you finish checking out all the amazing sports picks go ahead and join Fourth and Fifty’s newly created Pick’em League:
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Reginald Blackstone’s Picks

Week 8 NCAA Picks
Spread: Oregon State Beavers +20.5 (-110)
Risk $5 to Win $4.54

2.) Spread: Arkansas Razorbacks +6.5 (-110)
Risk $5 to Win $4.54

3.) Spread: Mississippi State Bulldogs +23 (-110)
Risk $5 to Win $4.54 Continue reading

Place Your Bets – Football: IV


I had a second consecutive unimpressive week due to my lack of profit.  The good news is I have still not had a losing week.  This probably has to do with my “cherry picking” style as TRG would call it.  I’m taking 3 under dogs in the NFL this week, Cherry Pick that TRG!  Septimus and Pipez would like me to call this post How to Lose Your Money in 10 Days, but I need to lose first for that to happen.

I still don’t have any competitors making picks in the comments section.  I think that has to do with no one reading these posts.  Regardless of the fact no one reads these, I’m going to keep writing them.  Maybe Fourth and Fifty can sponsor a cash prize for the reader that beats me in gambling picks (if that’s even possible, have you seen my break even record?).  I’ll have to check with our legal department on that.

Reginald Blackstone Betting Stats
Week 2 NCAA / Week 1 NFL:  Correct Picks – 83%, Profit – 37.85%
Week 3 NCAA / Week 2 NFL: Correct Picks – 57%, Profit – 1.5%
Week 6 NCAA / Week 5 NFL: Correct Picks – 43%, Profit – 1.1%

Week 7 NCAA Picks
Take the Under: UT vs Oklahoma 52.5 (-110)
Risk $10 to Win $9.09

2.) Spread: Arkansas Razorbacks +23.5 (-110)
Risk $10 to Win $9.09

Week 6 NFL Picks
3.) Money Line: Denver Broncos +160
Risk $5 to Win $8 Continue reading

Place Your Bets – Chronicles of Gambleria: III

After this week of gambling you should have some – Money to Blow


I apologize for my lack of gambling picks the last couple of weeks, not that you noticed I’m sure.  This week there appear to be a good number of bets out there for the taking.  I would have to go back and look, but I’m pretty sure I’m still beating out TRG in winning picks and overall profit.  However, after this week of picks that could all change.

As always, everyone is welcome to play along.  In fact, I challenge you to try and beat me!  If you think you have what it takes to beat me, just place your picks in the comments, and I’ll include your stats in next weeks post if you best me.  So far I have not had a losing week.  Below are the betting results from my previous posts along with my picks for Week 6 NCAA and Week 5 NFL.

Reginald Blackstone Betting Stats
Week 2 NCAA / Week 1 NFL:  Correct Picks – 83%, Profit – 37.85%
Week 3 NCAA / Week 2 NFL: Correct Picks – 57%, Profit – 1.5%

Week 6 NCAA Picks
1.) Money Line: UCLA Bruins +155
Risk $10 to Win $15.50

2.) Spread: Mississippi Rebels +6 (-110)
Risk $10 to Win $9.09 Continue reading

October 2nd Houston Sports FaF Smear

Song of the day: Jay-Z – On to the Next One

Case Keenum

Another weekend of football is upon us.  However, there are a couple other interesting events to take note of.  Austin City Limits Music Fesitval (ACL)  is this weekend.  Septimus and Pipez will be holding hands and singing along to all their favorite love songs.  If you didn’t get your tickets to ACL and you’re still looking for something to do besides watching football, then check out the 43rd Annual Greek Festival going on this weekend in Houston.  This is a fun place to eat, drink and have fun with some friends, or impress that special lady in your life by making her think you’re culturally diverse.

BREAKING NEWS: The 2016 Summer Olympic Games will be held in Rio de Janeiro!!!!  Personally I was rooting against Chicago.  I think just because Michelle Obama was endorsing it.  This should be great for Rio de Janeiro considering previously the city could only boast that it was one of the most violent in the world.  In 2007 the homicide rate was about 30 people per week.  There’s no telling how high this count could rise with the influx of people flooding the streets of Rio and its adjacent shantytowns.

On a different note check out Zombieland this weekend.  Zombie comedies are always one of my favorites, Shaun of the Dead was a good one.  Bill Murray makes a cameo in the film, and Emma Stone should be fun to watch.

On to your Houston Sports… Continue reading

Place Your Bets – Chronicles of Gambleria: II


Last week was a good week for betting, at least for 2 out of the 3 of the FaF Staffers.  I clearly dominated, now it’s just a matter of maintaining the  momentum.  Let’s take a look at the stats for Week 2 NCAA and Week 1 NFL:  If you want to take a look at last week wagers you can check out Chronicles of Gambleria and National Fooseball League Gambling Time.

Reginald Blackstone
83% Correct – Picked 5 out of 6 Correctly
37.85% Increase in Wagers Placed

57% Correct – Picked 4 out of 7 Correctly
49.96% Increase in Wagers Placed

The Random Guy
56.25% Correct – Picked 9 out of 16 Correctly
27.63% Decrease in Wagers Placed

If you want to play along, just put your bets in the comments.  If you beat me then I’ll include you in next weeks post.

Here are my 7 Bets for Week 3 NCAA and Week 2 NFL: (I bought points for the spreads of most of these games)

Toledo Rockets (Spread) +24½ buying 3½ points -180 for Game
5.00 USD 2.78 USD Continue reading

Chronicles of Gambleria


Upon further review I decided that betting wasn’t any fun if I didn’t go with my gut, so I placed a few bets based on that special feeling you get by speculating.  It feels a little like gas, but more of the feeling you get when it’s all gone as opposed to the uncomfortable build up of it.

If you think you can pick more profitable bets, leave them in the comments section.  I’ll mention you in the next post along with your gambling stats.  I challenge you!

Right now the contest is between TRG and myself to see who can get the better gambling stats.  TRG describes his strategy in National Fooseball League Gambling Time.  My picks are the following 1 through 6 below.

1.) Parlay the Ravens, Saints and Patriots: Risk $10 to win $4.28
Kansas City Chiefs          +600
Baltimore Ravens            -800

Detroit Lions                    +650
New Orleans Saints         -900

Buffalo Bills                       +500
New England Patriots    -700

2.) Parlay the Vikings and Seahawks: Risk $10 to win $8.98 Continue reading