Fourth and Fifty is a sports blog with a Houston slant.  It’s kind of like “Anderson Cooper 360” except we don’t like these things called facts and we’re about sports  and we don’t get paid and we’re not on TV and we’re not rumored to be gay.  But, other than that, Fourth and Fifty is just like a legitimate program on a highly touted news channel that generates millions of dollars of advertising revenue.


The name originates from the 2006 Liberty Bowl in which the Houston Cougars had a fourth down and fifty against the South Carolina Gamecocks. As the story goes (according to the scoreboard), the Cocks won because we don’t beat cocks (we are prude like that). The Cougars had plenty of spunk but the Cocks just had an extra spurt at the end… (We are also opposed to low-brow humor)

E-mail us at admin@fourthandfifty.com if you have any tips, questions, suggestions or criticism praise (keep the criticism to  yourself).



  1. I like this Houston slant thing, can’t say I’ve seen it before.

  2. Where’s the RSS subscription link?

  3. I like it! Looking forward to more.

  4. owls are just gay birds

  5. This site sucks.


  7. OK…I have finally been too the site…shut up about it now. BTW…good work!

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