FaF Opponent Essentials: UTEP

Each week we’ll dig deep to find the best dirt on the next opponent of the Houston Cougars. If you have any suggestions e-mail them to us (admin@fourthandfifty.com) and we’ll make sure to include them. Generic shit-talk is completely acceptable if not preferable.

UTEP logo color

Four things have become apparent over the past for weeks. 1) Opposing fans get all butt-hurt over pointing out a couple very obvious shortcomings about their city/school/program/father-cousin. 2) No anonymous commenter is willing to come back after their team loses to apologize for calling us dick-eaters. 3) Writing this stuff is kind of fun, but not more fun than the comments. 4) Oklahoma State and Texas Tech fans all have gaping yeasty gashes.

But, what’s in the past is in the past and we must look forward to the future. Two days from now the University of Houston will face the University of Texas Juarez El Paso on the gridiron. The first conference game of the Cougars will be a sort of litmus test of what can be expected over the course of the last eight games of their schedule. With a three-game road trip the Cougars look to avoid the triumphant hangover after Texas Tech.

I’ve always found a couple things work best to rid the head of the angry post victory spirits: Screwdrivers, Water and an abundance of shit-talking that the other party always manages to call “lame,” “weak,” “classless” or otherwise. Well, here’s a preemptive “fuck you” to UTEP fans. You will respect mai eethoritaih!

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