Place Your Bets – Football: V


Last week was a historic week for picking winners.  I went a PERFECT 6 for 6 making an overall return on the week of 125%Pipez went a stellar 4 for 7 on the week for a return of 66%.  Why throw away money in the stock market when you can make your wildest dreams come true in the sports betting world.  Septimus joined the ranks of the gambling elite this past weekend and fared well, but failed to post his picks so we don’t have any stats available.  If you want to check out my stats for the year, they are listed at the bottom of this post.  To highlight, for the year I’m picking winners 69.23% of the time for an overall return of 37.5%.

Now that I’ve thoroughly jinxed myself into picking nothing but losers for the rest of the year we can move on.  So far there doesn’t seem to be much interest in these posts.  I’m putting up professional gambler numbers here people, where’s the love?  As always, if you have any picks write them in on the comments.  I’d like to get some friendly reader competition here.

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Reginald Blackstone’s Picks

Week 8 NCAA Picks
Spread: Oregon State Beavers +20.5 (-110)
Risk $5 to Win $4.54

2.) Spread: Arkansas Razorbacks +6.5 (-110)
Risk $5 to Win $4.54

3.) Spread: Mississippi State Bulldogs +23 (-110)
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FaF Opponent Essentials: Oklahoma State Cowboys

Each week we’ll dig deep to find the best dirt on the next opponent of the Houston Cougars. If you have any suggestions e-mail them to us ( and we’ll make sure to include them. Generic shit-talk is completely acceptable if not preferable.OState logo_colorWith the Houston Cougars coming off an impressive(?) 55-7 win against Nortwestern State the competition ramps up to full throttle with the Oklahoma State University Cowboys next up on the docket. Ranked #5 according to the AP Top 25 Poll (#6 in the USA Today poll) the Cowboys are coming off a 24-10 win against the #13 Georgia Bulldogs. Them there’s a lot of numbers that don’t mean jackshit. Numbers don’t let you know anything about the Cowboys. Numbers don’t let you heckle the Cowboys. Numbers don’t let you sleep with the Cowboys’ girlfriends.

Let’s dig a little deeper:

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Dallas Cowboys Fans Are Crazy

Kimberly Shanks husband to death (Zing!)

Kimberly Shanks husband to death (Zing!)

A woman in Dallas reportedly killed her husband over the volume of a Cowboys game last December.  This creates a huge dilemma for me. Who gets the blame for this? On one hand you have Kimberly Shanks (no I am not making that up, that is her REAL last name!), a woman, and therefore by default crazy. On the other hand you have her husband, a Dallas Cowboys fan, watching a game in December (read: watching Romo choke on Jason Witten’s cock the game away) turning the second most annoying fan base (next to Steeler’s fans) in to the biggest bunch of whiny apologetic bitches sports has ever seen.  Cowboys fans can make anyone feel like Samuel L. Jackson (click here if you are at work or offended by the work FUCK). This seems like a recipe for disaster, and quite frankly I’m surprised that it doesn’t happen more often.

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Watch Out T.O., Ray Lewis Could Be Coming to Town.

Ray Lewis

You better not shout, you better not cry, you better not pout, I’m telling you why, cause Ray Lewis is coming to Dallas, and will slap you like a bitch that owes him money if you look at him wrong. Are you taking notes T.O.? Continue reading