Dallas Cowboys Fans Are Crazy

Kimberly Shanks husband to death (Zing!)

Kimberly Shanks husband to death (Zing!)

A woman in Dallas reportedly killed her husband over the volume of a Cowboys game last December.  This creates a huge dilemma for me. Who gets the blame for this? On one hand you have Kimberly Shanks (no I am not making that up, that is her REAL last name!), a woman, and therefore by default crazy. On the other hand you have her husband, a Dallas Cowboys fan, watching a game in December (read: watching Romo choke on Jason Witten’s cock the game away) turning the second most annoying fan base (next to Steeler’s fans) in to the biggest bunch of whiny apologetic bitches sports has ever seen.  Cowboys fans can make anyone feel like Samuel L. Jackson (click here if you are at work or offended by the work FUCK). This seems like a recipe for disaster, and quite frankly I’m surprised that it doesn’t happen more often.

According to the Dallas Morning News here’s how it went down:

“The newspaper reported that Shanks told police she went into the kitchen for medication but grabbed a knife instead and “tried to stick the knife in his heart.”

She ran out of the house but returned with a landscaping rock from a neighbor’s yard. She went inside to find her husband on the kitchen floor and she hit him on the back of the head with the rock to make sure he was knocked out. She also stabbed him in the back to make sure he was dead, the newspaper reported. She said she was afraid he would kill her.”

So, if you stab someone in the chest, and you are not sure if they are dead, why is your first instinct to run outside and grab a rock? Who does she think she is William Wallace?

And not only was he stabbed in the back by his team, he was stabbed in the back by his own wife! Et tu Brute? I still can’t say I blame her, for all the times I have wanted to do the same to Cowboys fans. But, at least her friends have a new nickname for her “Prison Shanks”

[Story from DMN via Deadspin]



  1. I hope that isn’t her mug shot because she is smiling.

  2. It’s a coy, ‘come hither’ kind of smile too.

    • great observation, a**hole.. maybe its because she has schizophrenia, and at the time of the shot, she was still deluded by her break from reality???

      Oh yeah, You wouldn’t know that because LUCKY FOR YOU, you don’t suffer from any illness..

      People like you deserve schizophrenia, not a woman who worked her ass off for a future for her family, and ended up with nothing simply because she was scared.

  3. Is it monkey fighting or Monday Friday? Or both???

  4. i’m close to kim’s daughter- hell, they’re my facebook pals and i spent my entire four years of high school hanging out with little shanks. reading this is confusing- not in context, but how i should feel. on one hand, she DID murder her husband, though it was due to medication (or lack thereof) and complications from that, not just because she was plum-crazy. it tore everyone up to see kim’s usual, smiling face on the news- a face that made us lunch and told us to wear sunscreen when tanning next to the pool. on the other hand- it’s the internet. whatcha gonna do.

    i don’t know. horrible situation, total shock. hope nobody ever has to endure anything like it. go cowboys.

  5. I hope you read this you heartless bastard. Kim Shanks is my older and only sister and a fantastic big sister all of the years of our life. she suffered from severe mental illness and i pray no one you ever love ( or maybe it would serve you well to have to deal with something as painfull as loving someone with severe mental illness or maybe someone that loves you is already dealing with someone with mental illness) GET IT…THAT WOULD REFERENCE YOU IDIOT! She struggeled all of her adult life with this devastating brain disorder. She is someones daughter, someones mother, someones friend and someones sister and until she had a complete break with reality she was someones wife. You make light of this and we lost more than you can possibly imagine that night in a very overwhelming and unbelievable fashion, (something none of us ever expected from her…she had never done anything remotely violent. ) My sisters trial, a mother of two young adult children( who understand her and love her inspite of her actions) is scheduled for this Feb. 22nd. Maybe instead of making an ass of yourself and writing things you know nothing of you can pray for my entire family to be strong as we go through something no family should ever have to endure. Need I say more!

    • Cindi, Joyce, I do hope that you are holding up under the circumstances with Kim. I lived almost right next to the Everman family, Kim and Cindi were my friends throughout high school, Kim was a very nice neighbor and well respected and adored at our high school. I can only offer prayers and hope for the Shanks Family, and the Everman Family. All the hurting hearts and lives that have been affected need all of our sincere prayers. Not knowing the Shanks Family I pass on only the most sincere love for their lost family member. Knowing the Everman family when I was young, their family was like all families, a good family. Not knowing Kim as the years passed, I can only hope and pray for peace for both families, and may both families be blessed with forgiveness for each other, and the further trials they both face now and in the future, may God bless both your families and bring hope for better days.

    • Cindi, I am so very sad about this tradgedy in your life. I remember you and your family very well. You are in my prayers. Kim Y.

  6. I went to high school with Kim and there she was a beautiful ,sweet and kind girl that was rather shy and always friendly. She has suffered from metal illness, I understand, well documented for a couple of decades. She was ill, not mean. A beautiful person that became lost witin her own mind. She had a smile that would light up the room. This is truly sad and would like to know the outcome of her trial.

  7. As a friend of Kim and Charlie’s daughter, I spent time with both parents. Charlie AND Kim were exceptional parents. Kim did EVERYTHING she could to provide for her children, and if it weren’t for the circumstances, she still would. Its easy to write an article or make a report commenting on the shallow aspects of the situation, (such as a random last name, or what happened… without even understanding her mental illness.) NEWSFLASH, the schizophrenia presented itself BEFORE the incident… not as an alibi or excuse for what happened. Kim regrets what happened possibly MORE than anyone else… and it hurts her too. No one reading this could possibly imagine what its like to fear for your life without cause simply because your disease makes it seem real…..and at the end of the day… ill-informed articles such as this based on PATHETIC research…. that anyone with an internet connection (ergo everyone) could write, ONLY hurt the children, family members, and friends..

    bravo, jerk…. way to review articles written by other people, and use absolutely no brain cells to reiterate what some other moron already wrote.

    To the people who are sincerely concerned— Kim Shanks was and IS an amazing person, who only wanted to do what was best for herself and her kids. We all make mistakes, take a freaking moment to consider what it’d be like if your reality was altered with a mental disorder….. and imagine how much harder it would be to act accordingly. Those who have an opinion on a reality that a) has nothing to do & doesn’t effect them, and b) they know NOTHING about, are merely naive…… (to be politically correct and for lack of a better word.)

  8. One more thing…. its interesting how the people who knew her have no qualms providing their identification, yet uninvolved people who feel the need to make hurtful comments (without a care of who it may affect) don’t have the balls to leave a name…..

    Seems appropriate, after all… if you don’t know shit about a situation, why take ownership for your words??

  9. At the end of the day, you’re mocking situation that resulted in me losing my father. Thank you for that sir. Kudos to you.

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